The Chesterfield

Award Winning Pet Friendly Hotel in Blackpool    01253  345979

Very Important Information: Please Read Carefully.

  • What time can we check in?   Your room should be ready from 2pm onwards, however you are welcome to arrive earlier if necessary. You can come in and have a cup of tea or coffee, or drop your luggage off before you go out and exploreIf you have reserved a parking space it should be available to you from around 12 mid-day  (providing all previous guests have departed).  Please ring to confirm whether or not there will be parking available on your arrival.  On your day of departure you must vacate both your room and your parking space by 11am. If you are using public transport and your train/bus doesn't leave till later in the day, you are welcome to store your luggage at the hotel until your departure time.

  • How pet friendly are you?   VERY!! The Chesterfield is uniquely pet friendly and we welcome all dogs and some other pets (please ask for details) as long as they are kept under control at all times.  Sadly most of our rooms are small, so it's probably not wise to bring your St Bernard here for his holidays, but we do leave that to your discretion.  You will need to bring your pets' own bedding, food and bowls, poop bags or litter tray (and puppy trainiing pads for puppies under 6 months please), and most importantly a SHORT leash or pet carrier. (Don't worry if you forget anything, we do have spares!)  Dogs are welcome in all areas of the hotel including the dining room, as long as they are kept on a SHORT leash (no extending leads in the dining room please!).  TO AVOID CONFLICT AND POTENTIAL CHAOS LOOSE DOGS ARE NOT ENCOURAGED  REMEMBER THERE WILL MOST LIKELY BE OTHER DOGS HERE DURING YOUR STAY AND THEY MIGHT NOT ALL BE AS SOCIABLE AS YOURS IS.  PLEASE RESPECT THE INDIVIDUAL NEEDS OF EACH DOG. We do allow dogs free rein to mingkle and play in the bar in the evenings as long as all owners are happy for their dogs to do so. Please check first.THANK YOU.

  • Can we leave our dog in the bedroom?  Yes we are happy for you to leave your dog unattended in your room, BUT ONLY FOR SHORT PERIODS, if he or she is used to being left alone at home.  Please don't leave your dog unattended if he is likely to howl or bark incessantly (we don't mind the odd yap!), scratch or chew fixtures and fittings, or soil the carpets etc.  We would never recommend leaving any dog alone for more than a couple of hours. We offer a very popular pet-sitting service for dogs with separation anxiety, in which case your dog will stay with us for company while you are out.  This service MUST be booked in advance and costs £5 per hour for up to a maximum of 6 hours. (Up to 2 dogs)

  • Can my dog go in the bar and dining room?  Of course your dog can go wherever you go as long as he is on a lead or in a pet carrier.  Do remember that there will be other dogs present throughout your stay, and they may not all be as well socialised as yours is.  It's important that we respect the individual needs of each dog.  If all the dogs are getting on well with one another we do allow them free rein to mingle and play off leash in the bar area in the evenings (Owners' permitting).

  • Do you have parking facilities?  Yes we do have some free parking spaces available, however they are very limited . You can pre-book a space if one is available on the dates you are staying, however due to circumstances beyond our control we cannot guarantee parking for any of our customers, sorry! If you have pre-booked a parking space with us please note that you will be required to leave a set of car keys with us while you are out.  This is ESSENTIAL! It's to avoid blocking others' in as cars are parked in a single line on the shared driveway or in the back yard.  If you have a large vehicle such as a 4x4 or a van we are very sorry but it may not be possible for us to provide parking due to limited space.  Please check with us at the time of booking.  Alternative parking is available nearby on the Promenade and also at the large Pay And Display carparks on Lonsdale Road, Bloomfield Road near the football ground, and next door to St Cuthberts Catholic Church on Lytham Road.  All of  these are within a five minute walk of The Chesterfield.

  • Can I get an evening meal?  It is with enormous regret that we are not able to provide evening meals at The Chesterfield.  There are many Pubs, Cafes and Restaurants in Blackpool however, and we endeavour to recommend good places for you to eat.  You can leave your dog in your room or with us and dine out, or you are very welcome to bring in your own take-away food and drink, including alcohol, to consume on the premises. either in your room or in the public areas. We are happy to provide crockery, glassware and cutlery, and you can sit in the lounge at any time of day, or use the dining room between 5 and 7pm and also the bar from 8pm till 11pm.

  • Do you operate a late bar?  Absolutely not sorry! Sadly we are well past our prime now and need to get to bed at a reasonable hour these days.  During the main season the bar is open from 8pm till 11pm in the evenings.  The bar is not open during the day.

  • Do you have smoking rooms?  Occasional smoking is permitted in all the private bedrooms at The Chesterfield and ashtrays are available on request. (When it's blowing a gale or raining cats and dogs outside!)  Smoking is of course, against the law in all public areas i.e the lounge, dining room, bar and all hallways and landings.

  • Is The Chesterfield suitable for disabled visitors?  We welcome every-one but unfortunately if you require a wheelchair or have difficulty with stairs, we are really sorry but The Chesterfield is not really suitable.  We have no ground floor rooms, and there is no lift so there is at least one flight of stairs to all bedrooms.  In addition the the bar is in the basement down another flight of stairs. Of course we will always offer help with heavy luggage.  If you are deaf, have hearing impairment, blind, partially sighted, have learning difficulties or other non-physical disability we are happy to assist in any way we can.

  • Do you accept stag or hen parties?  Sorry but no we don't accept groups of single people, male or female.  We do accept small family groups, but we cater primarily for couples and solo single people and their pets.
  • What Does Blackpool Have to Offer? Well we think there is something for everyone here as we try to explain in our little film below.  We very much hope you will come and visit us and find out for yourself!